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Our website is currently under construction

Welcome To the Web Site for Metalcraft Plastic Coatings Ltd

Our Web Site featuring coatings for the Bakery Industry is currently under construction but for any coatings enquiry, please use the contact details shown here.

Metalcraft Plastic Coatings Ltd offers a complete range of coatings to meet almost all the requirements of the bakery industry for high-release, tough corrosion- and wear- resistant surfaces on all metal plant and equipment including divider hoppers, dough bowls, mixing bowls, conical tables, rollers and ancillary baking equipment. All the PFA and PTFE based coatings offered can be reinforced with stainless steel to improve the abrasion/wear resistance.

A service is also available for coating larger quantities of small mass produced items.

Our coatings for the Bakery Industry include Teflon, Xvlan, Perfluoroalkoxy (PFA), Fluoplast polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), E-CTFE, Nylon, and Epoxy.

All coatings for the Bakery Industry from Metalcraft Plastic Coatings Ltd have a good electrical resistance, and are non toxic. Specific information on our coatings will be available in our new Web Site but please contact us for further information.

Trade Mark Acknowledgements:

Teflon is the trade mark of DuPont Ltd. Metalcraft Plastic Coatings Ltd is one of only four licensed Teflon applicators in the UK

Halar is the trade mark of Solvay Solexis

Fluoplast is the trade mark of Oxyplast, Belgium

Xylan is the trade mark of Whitford Plastics Ltd

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